30 days and 30 nights ….

30 days

I have been blogging for 30 days now… well actually 30 nights.  It has become ritual to sit at my computer and create some thing on a nightly basis that will be worthy of viewership and readership…. something that will add beauty and light to this crazy, mad world of ours.  I truly believe that if each of us holds just a candle stick of light – well, that light will eventually take over the world.

And so ‘eye’ blog.  It’s my lil contribution of light as well as my homage to the pole and all things aerial  because flying over 50 is a must now !  

ThAnkh you to my readers, to my fabulous team of photographers, to all my pole and aerial teachers and to my voyeurs !  

Thirty blogs in 30 days … and this be one mo’ !  Ha !

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”

– Nietzsche

photography:  http://www.makeaperfectimage.com

studio:  Tilt Studios

makeup:  my daughter Asha Jaha

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