be like a flower ….

One of my favorite authors is new comer to the game, India Ame’ ye.  The words from her new book  “You Look Like Somthing Blooming”  (Volume 2) (available here on Amazon)  be like alkaline water to me – re-freshing.  

I can open her book up on any page and get instantly nourished.  Tonight as ‘eye’ was pondering what to share with y’all – it came to me in a flash – I’d share sum India …  aaaaaaaahhhhh – as she would say  !

“Be like a flower … sometimes.

Where ever you are, you are the sweetest spot on Earth …

A subject of beauty

emitting the fragrance of love

with squishy thighs and a beating heart.

A flower shopping for groceries

or walking in a grassy knoll,

easily excitable and deeply pleasurable to encounter. ”  

– India Ame’ ye

( ‘eye’ love India – how she know eye feel like the sweetest spot on earth when I’m poling … ha ! ) 


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2 Replies to “be like a flower ….”

  1. YASSS LOVE YOU BETTER BE THE SWEETEST SPOT ON DE EARTH WHILE POLING…cause shit, we need you. the world needs that sweetest. keep glowing. 🙂 thank you!!! 🙂

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