Magick Makeda Loved Magic Mike !

Me having my own ‘Magic Mike’ experience at Butter Entertainment in Studio City, CA.  Photo credit:  Dr. Boogie.


Hello ladies and lady loveHers, here is my “Magic Mike XXL” review in four words : 

Go See It Now !

My five faves from the film:

1) The chocolate dancers at the mansion !

2)  The lines:  “What are we?”  “We are like healers or something.”

3) Jada Pinkett ( ha! – you thought I was gonna say Channing Tatum and for the record, I am ‘strictly dickly’ – but I do honor all goddesses … and she is most definitely one.)

4) The soundtrack – most of the songs are on my pole playlist and I’ve poled to them so I was gyrating in my seat – lol!

5) The unbridled, brashy sexiness that layered the entire film.

I can’t wait to see this film again – it was so much good ol’ sexy fun!  

I give it two poles up!  It made me want to jump on the pole and just dance …. yesssss !  lololol ~

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