the end means its time to begin again …

so many folk concern them selves with the destination – when it’s really about the journey. when you think about it – do we ever get ‘there’ and stay ‘there.’   time is end less and we never get it all done.  and guess what – we are not even ‘here’ to stay – eventually we all will move on.    eye am not making any plans or resolutions for 2016.  just gonna close my ‘eye’ and appreciate the journey just completed while savoring the not knowing of what is to come.  affirming that god-Is guiding the way, resting in that knowingness and RAdiating light, blessings, peace and love to all.  Oh – and of course – more abunDance !  ase’ !

new year

photographer:  Ed Majik

studio:  Tilt Studio

makeup:  Asha Jaha

photographer’s website:



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