Pole Priestesses Unite !

Pole dancing and the aerial arts have been a very sacred journey for me, as it is for many women who embark on this path.   I’ve always felt that there was a temple priestess who lived inside me from a past life.  (Her name is sheBA – my dancer name.)  Well it excites me to no end to be reunited with other temple priestesses along the path !

I first encountered Pole Priestess (Rebekah Boyle) in an interview on Pole Parlour – and I knew immediately she was another temple priestess !  We later connected on Instagram and her posts literally feed my soul !  So you can imagine I was just overjoyed to be invited to be featured on her PolePriestess blog as a “Sacred Sister” !!!!

Come inside the temple with us and enjoy our chat !  Click the link here: http://www.polepriestess.com/pole-priestess-blog/2018/4/15/sacred-sister-makeda

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