Strengthen then Stretch then Split – with The Pole PT

Splits for a dancer are everything – but being able to do them properly is another thing !  So when one of my favorite online trainers put out the call for ‘guinea pigs’ to test her new The Pole PT  “Strength and Stretch for Splits” training program – with the promise that I could do it all from home with minimum equipment and no pole required – how could I refuse.  Admittedly, I wondered if at my age – I could even improve my splits – but  it was worth a try.

The program entailed about 40 minutes ( which equated to about an hour and 15 minutes for me – lol ) of training 4 days a week for 6 weeks!  And I did it !!!!! And yes, my splits are waaaaay more splitty now!

The Pole PT gets my senior friendly stamp of approval !  We loved the Pole PT training for our PST Fit Club suspension training kit in the past – and this new program was more of the same – great strength training and stretching – which makes for more dynamic poling.

Special shout out to Neola Kay Wilby – the wonderful innovator behind the Pole PT brand !

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