Goddesses In Motion Pop Up Pole Video is Back !

Jeff Mercer and Christina Villegas on the “Goddesses In Motion: Pop Up Pole Video” set with FlyingOver50

FlyingOver50 has had the extreme pleasure of participating in the “Goddesses In Motion: Pop Up Pole Video” series again!  We plan to release our second video production under their banner soon – and I am literally stewing with anticipation.  Our first video release ( see https://youtu.be/4Tx7BseGdic ) was just so incredible its hard to believe that this second one surpasses it – but it does !  We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude MercVille Productions and Flying Curves Dance Studio for making these pop up videos available to the pole community.  These mini-filmed projects give dancers a birds eye view into the realm of video production and allow the dancers to star in their very own music videos.  We will be posting our new video soon!


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