Are you a different kind of pigeon ?

As a publicist, I always tell my clients, ‘you never know who’s watching you,’ and its true.  Since I began my pole dance journey, I have all kinds of folks watching me and I’m always amazed and in gratitude when people contact me to share how I have inspired them.  Well just a few weeks ago an amazing brand contacted me and asked would I wear their bodysuit.  First of all – I love bodysuits.  Bodysuits and leggings are must haves for dancers – so of course I said, YES!

But these bodysuits are more than just bodysuits. In fact,, the brand that contacted me – will be the first to tell you that, “This isn’t just a bodysuit.” Per their website, their bodysuit is:

The everyBODY suit.

For everyone who has ever felt less-than.

This isn’t just a bodysuit. This is a movement, centered around radical self-love and acceptance.

Well how fabulous is that!!!  I look forward to dancing in my dfrntpigeon bodysuit – and I’m so happy they were watching me – because I’m definitely a ‘different pigeon!’  Be sure to check out their website and their groundbreaking clothing line ! Their business model “helps at-risk youth develop their creative abilities into a potential career path through paid design work and mentorship from professionals in the creative field.”  I salute them !

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