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photography: http://makeaperfectimage.com/
photography: http://makeaperfectimage.com/

Blessings ~ After operating my pr agency, Jazzmyne Public Relations for almost 30 years I crashed financially in 2008, losing about a dozen real estate properties, my house, my cars, my dog and my man. But I Am still here and the pole has been an instrumental axis sustaining me.

I started poling when I turned 50. I am 57 now and getting younger by the moment.  I now also teach “FlyingOver50” dance flow classes that cater to ‘seasoned’ women – there is no poling, we don’t wear shoes, and only the floor and wall is utilized for our movement.

I hope to inspire people, but especially women and particularly older women, because it is true, we can do any thing we put our minds, heart and spirit into!

Feel free to email me directly at flyingover50@gmail.com.

Visit my pr agency site at www.jazzmynepr.com

And also please take a spin at Pole World News – we have archived articles there !

Makeda ~

Let’s dance dammit !