blog clog !

Writing a daily blog has its challenges. It’s an exercise in expansive creativity. I do it for many reasons. One of them is branding. I’m working to brand “FlyingOver50.” It’s a concept that I hope will serve to stimulate and inspire others and propel and move them beyond whatever they feel limits them.

It’s also an daily exercise for my mind. As I am consciously working my body with pole and aerial exercise, it is just as imperative to work my mind. Youthful rejuvenation is all about body and mind awareness to enhance the spirit.

But some days, it’s really a challenge and ‘eye’ get blog clog – lol! Blog clog is cool too though… because pushing past a clog creates more expansion !

blog clog




















studio:  Tilt Studio

art direction:  Allison Jones

makeup:  Asha Jaha


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